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Unique Approach:

The principal role of Arion Partners is to identify, and partner with, the successful and dynamic businesses in the plastics/packaging sector.  We do this using our own skills and resources in combination with the investment capital entrusted to us by our strategic investors. Arion is fortunate in having investment support from leading global polymer companies including, film extruders, converter and compounders looking to make entries into downstream or alternative markets.

The businesses in which we invest are typically small and mid-market companies which can benefit from an input of capital and/or management expertise at both strategic and operational levels. Our investors have a long term investment horizon.

In addition to in-country resources, Arion also has the ability to call upon its regional resources in operations, marketing, sales, procurement and finance in order to benefit from the sector-specific expertise of Arion professionals. In this way our team can more effectively evaluate opportunities, thereby accelerating the investment review process. Such extensive cross-functional capability is, we believe, vital to our evaluation process and to our ability to fully develop the full potential of rapidly growing, businesses in the plastics sector.

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