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Why Us? What distinguishes Arion from many other advisory or capital groups is our senior executive team. They have founded and built major global companies themselves, they understand the difficulty, time commitment, and level of effort required to grow a solid and long-lasting business. As a result, the management teams of our portfolio companies benefit from their experience, relationships, and active involvement, which includes:

  • Serving on the board of directors
  • Providing market intelligence specific to the plastics industry
  • Making introductions to potential customers and corporate partners
  • Recruiting key industry employees across all functions
  • Collaborating on strategy development and implementation

Furthermore, the patience and vision of our select investor base allows Arion to take a long-term view of our portfolio, without the pressure to produce immediate cash returns. This lets us implement a partnership model that leverages the resources of a smaller growth company with key vendors, customers, and affiliates to speed organic growth and improve competitive position.

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