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Our Investment Strategy:

Arion, with our successful investment advisory and fund management philosophy for our investors, looks to partner with outstanding management teams and help them build their companies and achieve their objectives. Our focus is on long-term equity capital appreciation. We concentrate our investment activity on the plastics industry in which our partners and investors have experience and expertise.

The resources of Arion Partners enable us to add value beyond our investors capital and make Arion a preferred partner in our industry. The funding for investments come from global polymer based (or processing) companies, who are looking to grow their reach in alternative regions or value added downstream markets.

Arion’s competitive advantages encompass four key characteristics:

  • Patience.
    Arion selects investors which understand that good companies take time to build, which is often a contrarian view to prevailing wisdom.
  • Leadership.
    The most critical component of a company’s long-term success, and ultimately the performance, is the quality of its management team. We therefore spend considerable time and energy to understand the experience, ethics, and track record of the leadership before we provide our investors a target.
  • Due Diligence.
    When considering adding a company to our investors portfolio, Arion is able to tap into a network of industry insiders, many of whom are former clients and have extensive knowledge of the industries, companies, and management teams of our potential investments.
  • Experience.
    Arion has lived through countless market cycles and fads. We understand that while markets are sometimes inefficient in the short term, eventually value will be recognized.
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