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Arion Partners pursues strategic investments in plastics processing and packaging businesses for our global investors in alignment with the current owners’ transition requirements.  Our Senior Partners average more than 25 years of experience in the industry including the successful execution of varied and unique growth, operations, M&A and restructuring initiatives.

Our group seeks investments in companies with strong engaged management teams where our experience and capital can unlock value by serving as a catalyst for growth. We are not operating sponsors that demand day-to-day involvement in the business. Instead, we add value to our management partnerships by:

  • Installing a Capital Structure which allows for growth
  • Utilizing our global networks to enhance available resources available to fully exploit a company’s potential
  • Leveraging our global customer relationships to aide organic growth
  • Implementing best manufacturing practices
  • Assisting with strategic value-add initiatives, such as tag on acquisitions, new manufacturing platforms and new technology scale-up

While traditional private equity funds that principally focus on control buyouts may be restricted by charter or a lack of creativity or experience, we pursue a range of creative transaction types (prudently leveraged control buyouts, growth equity, rescue/de-leveraging capital and distressed buyouts/discounted debt accumulation) in an effort to maximize the risk/reward profile of our global investor group. This flexible capital approach, together with the broad resources of the Arion Management platform, widens our universe of potential investment opportunities beyond traditional buyout firms.

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